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Euro bonds, Project bonds, electoral strategy

by Véronique Queffélec on mai 25, 2012


Question posée par des funds d’investissement:

Is Hollande going to give up on E bonds post parliamentary elections and stop putting pressure on Merkel in the public as he has been doing since the French election? Does he really think he can get E bonds by just pressuring her in the press and without giving anything in return short of handing over large portions of French sovereignty to the EU?

Notre réponse (our answer)
Nothing else but an electoral strategy

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Paris Insight: EU Update May the 23rd 2012

by Véronique Queffélec on mai 24, 2012


Key summary

There is not much expect from tonight’s informal EU Summit. The conclusions of the heads of State dinner are unlikely to go beyond a growth initiative which would offer only limited mitigation of the on going fiscal retrenchment.
The meeting will be the occasion to have a preliminary exchange of views on the instruments which could form a containment strategy if Greece exits, but some time is probably needed to draw the differences between the main protagonists, given in particular the political and legal situation in Germany and France.
The other most important event today may be the lunch between Hollande and Rajoy, as Spain’s banking crisis has become the second most burning issue in the current market turmoil. France may try to take the lead on this issue. [click to continue...]