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Greece : Divergent positions of European Leaders August 24th , 2012

by Véronique Queffélec on septembre 2, 2012


Key Summary

1/Athens asks for more time

During his meeting with Eurogroup chairman Juncker on wednesday 22nd, Greek PM Samaras said that Greece will honour its commitments, will seal an austerity package worth €11.7 billion in coming weeks and has widened its privatization agenda. Juncker acknowledged that Greece has undertaken “tremendous efforts”, but insisted that Greece has to take verifiable and credible fiscal measures to close the funding gap and that this was the country’s “last chance”. [click to continue...]

Paris Insight: EU Update - EuroGroup

by Véronique Queffélec on avril 3, 2012


Treasury Secretaries of the Eurogroup just met today to discuss about the European “Firewall” in Copenhagen.

After EU bailout for Greece, Europe needs to strengthen its firewall in order to provide relief for indebted Member States. These new measures are necessary to restore financial-market confidence in Spain and avoid the reinforcement of the crisis.

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