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Bertrand Chokrane

UPDATE France: The consequences of the French terrorist attacks

by Véronique Queffélec on février 1, 2015


France has been under trauma since the French terrorist attacks. The higher level of security is still in place in France and Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced the creation of 2680 secret service and security jobs as well as an additional 425 million euros to fight against terrorism.

President Hollande approval rating rose from 21% in mid-December to 31% at the end of January. Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right party, did not participate in the “march” that occurred in Paris and was almost “excluded” from the political consensus following the attacks. She does not seem to benefit from the terrorist attacks. However, polls published on January 30 show that there is an absence of correlation between the rise in President Hollande approval ratings and the 2017 Presidential election polls. [click to continue...]

BRIC should be a chance for European political construction

by Véronique Queffélec on avril 19, 2011


This article has been written by Bertrand Chokrane, MIT Economist PhD.

Austerity plan is nonsense in Europe. We see it with the English situation where even before they trigger their austerity plan, they have reduced the standard of living of the English median than it was under Thatcher in 1981 which itself had reduced the level of Median life of English to that of an English middle of the nineteenth century. Today, with the end of the shoot hegemony of the United States and the disappearance of Japan, the exit route is no doubt a renegotiation of the debt of France or the eurozone.
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Why the profitability of Indian Telco companies is too strong?

by Véronique Queffélec on novembre 19, 2010


This article has been written by Véronique Queffélec and Bertrand Chokrane.

In India the power of conglomerates allows vertical integration of the entire value chain. Operator to the distributor, through relays and telco loops.
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Pourquoi la profitabilité des sociétés indiennes de téléphonie est-elle aussi forte ?

by Véronique Queffélec on novembre 19, 2010


Cet article a été co-écrit par Véronique Queffélec et Bertrand Chokrane.

En Inde la puissance des conglomérats permet l’intégration verticale de toute la chaine de valeur. De l’opérateur au distributeur, en passant par les relais et les boucles télécoms.
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