Lobbying and globalization

by Véronique Queffélec on février 21, 2010


Below is the English translation of an article previously published in French on the subject of lobbying and globalization. Indeed, as a public affairs consulant based in Paris, I also provide strategic consulting in lobbying.

  • Context: Globalization offers new markets with varied and fluctuating rules of the game.
  • There is an imperative: we must introduce ourselves into other cultures in order to impose our norms, those of our firms, on a European and global level. This can only be done using lobbying, a major asset in economic war.

Recent geostrategic developments reveal the emergence of new economies in cultural and social environments that are very different from our own. Immediate communication, instant information imposes new restraints. Communication of all types takes place in a context that is in perpetual movement. Lobbying allows us to analyze, understand and quickly move the chess pawns on this complex global chessboard.

Economic and social intelligence are information tools for this chessboard.

Economic and social intelligence determine our choice of weapons and guide lobbying actions that channel influence, leading to results, to obtaining markets.

Can we do without lobbying?

Without lobbying, we have the chessboard, a part of the strategy, but not the players, and that leaves the economic war initiatives open to others. That’s apparently what most large French firms are doing in India.