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Elections announced in India

March 7th, 2009 by and tagged ,

India, the world’s most populous democracy will be in election-mode from April 16- May 13, 2009, with approx. 714 million people eligible to vote. The counting of ballots would begin on May 16 with results expected shortly afterwards. The entire process would be completed by May 28.
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Is the IMF’s GDP growth forecast of 5.1% for India in 2009 too grim?

February 2nd, 2009 by and tagged , , ,

It’s not a secret that like others, the highly indian economy is now facing harder times affected by the deteriorating outlook for some of its main trading partners. By its Stock Exchange sliding all year, by Satyam’s scandal. As it’s global credit running dry. Even Tata Motors, one of India’s biggest companies, has been struggling to keep its hands on equity. India’s economy is slowing and confidence is weak. Previously soaring foreign investment in India is expected to decrease and much more since last blasts. Nobody yet knows how serious the slowdown will be.

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