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Lobbying in India

November 1st, 2008 by and tagged ,

Ci-dessous, un interview que j’ai donné pour le magazine indien The Tribune of Punjab à propos du lobbying en Inde.

What do the French think about doing business in India?

Indian culture and spirituality have always fascinated the French. But they are just beginning to discover the potentials of the Indian market. They have misgivings and are often concerned about the complexity and the number of decision-making actors; the difficulty and delays of the administrative procedures, the high import taxes as well as the differences in the notion of time. They have many questions concerning the cast system, human rights and even women’s rights. The French have an idea of India that doesn’t necessarily match Indian reality. They love India but don’t really know it*, they don’t know how to tackle it. That’s where lobbying can be useful.

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